Elise Kline, PhD, APPN, Board Member, Scituate

Elise Kline, PhD, APPN, has been a member of the Manet Board of Directors since 2005. She serves on the front lines of healthcare as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse with a doctorate in counseling psychology.

A native of New York, Elise spent 17 years working with the homeless at a Long Island shelter. She was an instructor at Boston University before leaving to set up the psychiatric component of the nursing program at Curry College in Milton. She currently works for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital.

Elise has had the same primary care provider for 26-plus years—Dr. Martha Karchere at Manet’s North Quincy practice site. Elise enjoys the consistency that she considers necessary for quality medical care. “You have to have someone who knows your background,” she says, “so you don’t have to keep reinventing yourself for every doctor.”