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Renovation Update - March 17, 2014 (PDF)

Renovation Update

February 25, 2014

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Manet Community Health Center, North Quincy Expansion

May 2013

Existing Building Exterior
Existing Exterior
Proposed Building Exterior
Proposed Exterior

Manet Community Health Center (MCHC) serves the healthcare needs of South Shore residents through a patient-centered medical home model of care (PCMHM). As a multi-site community based health center, MCHC works to ensure that its patients have access to all levels of health care and is fully committed to providing services for the medically underserved. The North Quincy expansion allows for additional space and services for 5,286 additional patients with 25 new exam rooms added to the existing 18. As a PCMHM, Manet will add services for behavioral health, a Center for Older Adults, a Center for Primary Care in Public Housing, vision services and an onsite 340B pharmacy.

Project drivers are to enhance the patient experience, alleviate scheduling stressors, address facility related issues, ensure patient satisfaction, improve operational functions and overcome existing barriers to care. All design decisions – from how the patient enters the building, to circulation and wayfinding, to the color palette – focused on enhancing the patient experience as one navigates through the center.

As you enter the center, you are greeted by a concierge to direct you to your care provider. This personalized service will help guide the patient to registration, financial or the counseling center. On the first floor, to join the existing Family Medical Center and Lab, Integrated Behavioral Health, the Center for Older Adults, Vision and the Pharmacy were incorporated. 

At present the 2nd and 3rd floors house administrative functions. Upon renovation, the second floor  will provide for 26 new exam rooms in the Center for Primary Care in Public Housing and Specialty services through the common corridor  that will serve as the “connector” to the community of services and will allow for private sub-waiting areas. The third floor will provide for meeting rooms and support space for clinicians and administration. On the exterior,  DAI is working with MCHC to support the overall renovation concept to incorporate the re-branding efforts of the organization.

The result of this innovative design is a center that enhances the personal experience of the patient and caregivers while ensuring operational efficiency and optimal facility performance. The new MCHC - PCMHM is warm, inviting and safe, all drivers determined by the focus groups during the visioning and programming phases. A healing environment that will address patient comfort with wayfinding, healing art, privacy, dignity and provider communication in a safe, secure environment. All services are accessible, integrated and patient-centered. The planning process facilitates the principles of lean process management in the clinical zones and evidence-based design throughout the center.

The Manet Community Health Center building brings meaning, interest and comfort to those who the health center provide services to. The strong bond that was created between MCHC and the DAI team of architects, engineers, interior designers facilitated the branding and vision for Manet.

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